/Who we are ?

Who we are ?

ButtlerBen is the elite online “marketplace for luxury goods, news and trends” that offers only luxury brands whose underlying product or service goes beyond the normal category of the given category in the perception of quality or value.
Luxury brands are mainly characterized by exclusivity and scarcity resulting in a high price level as a typical feature. A luxury brand enjoys a special recognition, not least because of its authentic and traditional values. ButtlerBen creates the contact between buyers and sellers, does not take any commission and is not involved in business transactions.
Our website is the destination for jet setters, successful businessmen – and women, luxury enthusiasts and collectors in Europe, America, Russia, Arabia, China, providing a reputable, safe and reliable meeting place for the luxury market. Our offers come from selected professional dealers around the world who are known for their outstanding offers and reputation. Our dealers are well versed in shipping, insurance and payment. Contact the dealer whose offer you are interested in and he will be pleased to inform you.                                                                                                                                                                             ButtlerBen was founded in 2018 by the two brothers Martin and Roland Wäschle with a keen eye for the luxury lifestyle. They understand their concerns, with the purchase of a luxury product also to realize a certain lifestyle. Through targeted industry knowledge about the knowledge of the interested parties, the two brothers understand the wishes of their customers to realized.


martin-waeschleFounder: Martin Wäschle was born in Balingen / Germany and started his career with one Business studies as a Dipl. Kaufmann. In well-known companies he was for the Controlling responsible. Great affinity to the internet was crucial for a Further qualification at the FH Karlsruhe to E-Commerce – Manager. Subsequently, as was E-Bussines Consultant at Daimler Benz Stuttgart.


RolandBildFounder: Roland Wäschle was born in Balingen / Germany and started his career in that family owned company. As trained industrial clerk, REFA-Technician. He was a specialist and MTM practitioner fifteen years together successfully with his father the family business.  He was on the scene for eight years Real estate market on Lake Constance successfully activ.


Mission In our society live people who live on a financially very high level and what luxury items they are for yours to use daily necessities, are financially unavailable to a “common man”.
We came up with the idea of developing an online marketplace for just these people on which the most luxurious and exclusive products to look for and buy.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Game rules is to focus our business on high-end goods to offer the products desired in the market and to focus on providing optimal service to buyers and dealers. Trust is the foundation of our customer satisfaction.
Therefore, our dealers are selected in the ButtlerBen online shop through intensive controlling and thus form a smooth business.
Our work is characterized by corporate and behavioral principles. The customer is the most important person in the company.
He is at the center of our service and his wishes are subordinated to our operational processes                                                                                                                                                                                     

Our tasks and responsibilities We were convinced from the beginning that you would only become one and stable company can build up, if one never loses sight of the person in the pursuit of achievement and thus emerged a vision we live by. Not only are we proud that, after the launch of the 2018 platform, we met the critical criteria, but that we were able to make a bigger contribution to ourselves and our business associates with whom we operate. By staying true to our mission statement, our values ​​and our guiding principles, we have proven that it is possible to build a business with a conscience.                                                                                                                                                                     Over the Next few years, we will focus our efforts more and more on our criteria, where we believe we can make the most impact: building a common future with the companies and traders, taking on a global leadership role in CSR – sustainable corporate governance and creating opportunities for future generations.

That’s what we stand for with our “ButtlerBen” trustmark