/Mission, Vision and Key Values

Mission, Vision and Key Values


In our society, people who live at a very high financial level and which luxury goods they use for their everyday needs are financially inaccessible to a “simple man.” We came up with the idea of developing an online marketplace for just these people where to find and buy the most luxurious and exclusive products. Our website is the destination for jet setters to provide successful business people, luxury enthusiasts and collectors in Europe, America, Russia, Arabia, China and a reputable, safe and reliable meeting place for the luxury market. It is also important to us that the platform not only evolves, but the marketplace should be stable, secure and reliable, so that our customers can experience a high level of quality and quantity. We attach great importance to a constant adaptation of the latest technologies to the market platform. Our affinity with the internet corresponds exactly to these idea.                                                                                                                                                     

In the beginning it was an idea and then a Vision was born.                                                                             ButtlerBen exists out of the vision and is not a person.

ButtlerBen offers you the way to freedom and supports you in unleashing the full potential of your innermost desires and longings for luxury. Become a prisoner of circumstances to become an “elite partner” and you’ll soon realize that what feels so good then, is luxury.  ButtlerBen is a vision. 

ButtlerBen is above all passion. Namely the art of discovering that the daily desire to own luxury actually begins within you. Just as all power is already in you.

Luxury is our passion, share it with us !

That’s the vision of ButtlerBen !Much more than the joy that comes with it, it’s our duty to let them participate.
It’s what our heart beats for. And that’s what drives us – in everything we do. All luxury goods that we offer on our marketplace have to be measured against the following criteria:

Passion:  In addition to the functional and the emotional benefits of recognizing that it improves everyday life and facilitates.

Impression: Leave the exclusive brands a first lasting impression 

Criteria: Continuous innovation, style, clear distinction from the premium segment and exclusivity are essential criteria.

Flirtation: Does the customer want to get involved in another common career ?

Nostalgia: It intrigues the customer so that he feels the physical and emotional closeness.

Characteristic: Behind the high-gloss images is also safety, reliability and quality.

Strategy: Areas of luxury products may not be affordable for the average consumer.

Loyality: The past has shown the strength of attachment – can the future be taken together ?

Do we want to offer luxury goods that can not be measured at these points ? If a product does not comply with these principles, if it does not exist in our customers’ daily lives, then you will not find it at ButtlerBen.
No matter what a design may be, it is useless for us if it does not meet our customers’ wishes.
That’s why we work hard every day to include professional dealers and brands in our concept.
We want our “Exclusive Customers” to have luxurious fashion, beautiful luxury watches and gorgeous cars that make life in luxury. Who wants to offer people a life in luxury, should understand one thing:
“There is more to life than just working.” Man needs more time for rest and more time for luxury.

That’s our passion ……..

Motto: “People who belong to the elite take the matter into their own hands and embrace the great adventure of personal freedom. The inspiring link between profession, vocation and passion creates the foundation for an exciting life between success and joy of life.” (ButtlerBen)

Key Values
  • Global trade
  • World Market
  • Freedom
  • Trust
  • Community
  • Collaboration