//MINI COOPER – Cooper S and other engines

MINI COOPER – Cooper S and other engines

185,00  incl. VAT

MINI Cooper S 3-door


The update for the MINI 3-door, the MINI 5-door and the MINI Convertible include fresh design accentuations.

  • innovations in the field of drive technology,
  • additional customisation options
  • and expansion of the digital services available as part of MINI Connected.

Faster, more spirited and with more driving fun than ever before: The MINI 3-door embodies the quintessence of high speed, athletic performance an incomparable go-kart feeling.

  • 4 SEATS
  • 211 – 731 l TRUNK VOLUME
  • Official combined fuel consumption: 6.4 – 6.1 l / 100 km,
  • Official combined CO2 emissions: 147 – 139 g / km


MINI COOPER – Cooper S and other engines

MINI COOPER – Cooper S and other engines. The British premium automobile manufacturer strengthens the progressive character and appeal of its models in the small car segment.

MINI COOPER - Cooper S and other engines

Undeniably cool, the new Mini Cooper is the perfect car for your holiday. Small enough to manoeuver itself around the inner city streets. Available as both a coupe and convertible, renting a Mini Cooper is something you can do all year round. Whether you´re planning a winter getaway and want a hardtop, or you want the Mini Cooper Convertible, the Mini Cooper is a car for all seasons.


MINI COOPER - Cooper S and other engines

Now part of the BMW group, Mini benefits from all of their technology and experience, to make the best Mini Cooper to date. The interior upholstery, which is best described as ´comfortable quality,´ to the distinguishable. The Mini front grill, this car is a case study in contemporary taste.

With advanced safety technology and clever engineering keeping you safe in any city around Europe. He is may not be as powerful as a supercar. We challenge you to have more fun in another car. It may not be as strong as a super sports car, but they will be more fun than in another car. This is what the Mini Cooper was born to do.

MINI 3-door F56 LCI

Rent the Mini Cooper in Paris, where it will be in its element. Perfect for the small Parisian streets, the Mini Cooper is the perfect get-around. Also available in all major European cities, hire the Mini Cooper in Barcelona, Rome, Basel, Innsbruck and Palermo.


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