//Cessna Citation M2 D-IEFD

Cessna Citation M2 D-IEFD



This aircraft features a Fresh Air System to keep cabin air clean. This system operates by bringing fresh air from outside into the aircraft through the engines. The engines compress and heat the air killing pathogens and germs. The air is then cooled and enters the cabin as cold or warm air before exiting aft.

Citation M2:

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Striking Style

The Citation M2’s aluminum airframe was engineered with multiple structural load paths, system redundancies, and optimal aerodynamics.


Cessna Citation M2 D-IEFD

Cessna Citation M2 D-IEFD

CESSNA CITATION M2 D-IEFD jet is the ultimate combination of beauty and efficiency. The M2 is the entry level jet that pilots have been asking for. Speed, control, range and comfort complete the aircraft providing you with serious jet performance.

Perfect for corporate, charter or private use, the M2 features in-cabin technology, touch-controlled avionics suited for a single pilot and two powerful Williams FJ44 engines, facilitating cruising speed of up to 404 knots. A GARMIN G3000 flight deck provides an ideal flying experience.

The Citation M2 jet delivers fast, efficient trips with exceptional range at 1,550 nm. The interior is finished with category-leading craftsmanship and room for up to seven passengers. A wireless cabin management system and LED lighting finish off the design.

Sitting Konfiguration


The interior layout provides seating for up to seven passengers to work and relax comfortably, with eight large windows to emphasize the spaciousness of the cabin.


New Avionics

Improved speed and clarity describe the new GARMIN G3000 avionics suite in the CESSNA CITATION M2 jet. Brand new hardware and software mean significant speed and resolution enhancements. Not only is the display resolution greatly improved for operators, but the system boots up, processes and loads databases faster than ever before.

Maximale Distanz von Stuttgart


Kennzeichen: D-IFHD
Anmeldung: Stuttgart
Baujahr: 2015
Sitzplätze: 5-6
Besatzung: 2
Boardküche: Ja
Toilette: Ja
Reichweite: 2.400 nm
Max. Flughöhe: 12.500 m
Geschwindigkeit: 750 km/h
Länge: 3,40 m
Höhe: 1,45 m

1,47 m



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