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Take advantage of time efficiency with jets aircraft

Do you sometimes have the feeling that the journey to important appointments is unnecessarily long?
Then we offer you an interesting alternative to scheduled flights.

Faster Check-Ins

Fly exactly when you want, without checking in or changing trains, straight to your business meeting or private event.

Several site visits in one day

Fly exactly when you want, without checking in or changing trains, straight to your business meeting or private event. The discreet atmosphere and the stylish comfort of our jets offer the ideal ambience for cultured travel. ButtlerBen ensures a precision landing in relaxation and efficiency.

Faster transit times

Thanks to direct flights tailored to your needs, you lose no time at checkin, changing aircraft or upon arrival. You can even take part in events in three different European cities in the course of one day, saving yourself time-consuming overnightstays

Stay productive

Scheduled flights often don’t provide the right environmentto work on confidential documents. But on our private charter flights, you can workand hold meetings with your em-ployees without being disturbed.

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The right charter aircraft

ButtlerBen has access to a fleet of more than 7,000 private aircraft through its partner.

Every aircraft and every private aircraft operator is accredited according to strict safety regulations or its VIP service level. Our team of experts specializes in finding the tailor-made aircraft for you at the best price from this enormous range. We are happy to advise you on which private jet is the right one for your travel needs.

Industry leader in security and privacy


Your safety is our top priority. As part of the leading global business aviation group, our charter broker has an industry-leading safety culture that goes well beyond that of other brokers and the minimum requirements of the industry.

Our agent has a group safety officer in both Europe and the USA who monitors all of our supplier relationships and only works with aircraft operators who adhere to the highest safety and service standards. The safety officer is happy to speak to our customers if they have questions about their operators.

In addition, our partner is an Argus and Wyvern certified agent. The two voluntary accreditation systems check the workplace culture, operational processes and financial stability.
Only those agents who meet the high standards set.

So here’s what makes ButtlerBen different from the rest.

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