Regional Airliner

Regional Airliner

Regional Airliners can provide a higher blend of comfort to a higher passenger capacity. Some of these aircraft are amongst the most economical aircraft available today for their size. Although their range is lower than the Long-Range Jets they are able to accommodate larger groups of passengers with excellent facilities. They have an average range of around 1700 miles with a cruise speed of about 400knots.

Comfort & Size

Regional Airliners provide passengers with a fully equipped galley with a bar, hot and cold food. Private toilet/restroom, wardrobe and cabin attendants. Also the passengers can relax in executive configuration seating.


  • Larger passenger capacity with executive configuration seating
  • Fully equipped galley and bar with hot and cold food
  • Some are able to utilise short runways
  • Cabin crew to enhance safety and comfort

Ideal for larger groups of passengers and excellent onboard facilities.

Seats 15-120 / Speed 350-400 nmph / Range 1800-3000 nm

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