Helicopters are excellent for short flights; to reach remote destinations (and avoid ground traffic); or for sightseeing. Our team can also help you decide which is best for you – a helicopter or light jet, depending on your route and needs.

Helicopter charter

There are two classifications of helicopter – single engine and twin engine.

Twin Engine Helicopters

Twin engine helicopters are bigger, faster and often required for safety reasons by corporations or for night flights. Popular twin engine helicopters which are available for hire include AS355 Twin Squirrel, Agusta A109 Power and Eurocopter EC155.

Single Engine Helicopters

Single engine helicopters are less expensive to charter and perfect for short daylight flights. Popular single engine helicopters which are available for hire include the Bell 206L LongRanger and Eurocopter AS 350B2 Single Engine Squirrel.

Ideal for short flights, events, sightseeing and locations without an airport.

Seats 4-18 / Speed up to 150 kts / Range up 450 nm

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