Italy Sardinia Supercar Tour

In addition to the accurate car rental service, our Partner offers memorable tours in beautiful Sardinia onboard its prestigious supercars. Breathtaking landscapes, sun and fragrances will be the setting for a journey of good living. Driving the latest model of Ferrari or Lamborghini will be surrounded by a unique food and wine tour. Every day you will find your Ferrari ready to join you on this adventure.If you are travelling with friends, you will have the exclusive opportunity to try different models, choosing between Ferrari and Lamborghini. There are many roads we travel every day, and there are so many roads in the world that we travel to discover, learn and experience endless emotions.         This is what we want.

The Ultimative LUXURY SUPERCAR Experience

Are you ready to drive a supercar around the beautiful and unspoiled island of Sardinia (Italy)? Experience Entertaining roads, the finest food, breathtaking landscapes and luxurious experiences in one of the ultimate travel gems of the Mediterranean sea.

The north-east of Sardinia there are many rocks and the Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo and other bays score especially with wonderful beaches. There are charming towns, mountains in the hinterland, landscapes like those from a dream world, great sunsets, excavation sites and much more. A holiday in the region is characterized by versatility and also benefits from the proximity to the airport or ferry port in Olbia. You can also go out wonderfully here.

This round lasts 3 days / 2nights

What are you paying for?
You pay to Drive the newest supercars of the market on the best roads in Europe. We take care of your routes. GPS routes and a roadbook will be uploaded on your phone. WhatsApp assistance will be available during the tour. You receive an updated list of the restaurants to choose from during the day. The Reservation for you will be done through us. You will be accommodated in two 5 star hotels. These are the two most exclusive hotels in Sardinia, with the best variety of activities and food.


For Groups

The more cars are booked, the more cars you will be able to drive during the tour. Radio communication will be used among cars if requested. Cameras, Go Pro and Media Team are available on requests, to record the best moments of this amazing vacation! Add other services, such as Helicopter Tour, Yachting experience, private jets, private drivers

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