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About Jet Charter

Charter a private jet.

Anyone who travels a lot by plane knows the annoyance of long waiting times, delays or even flight cancellations. In order to avoid these inconveniences and to benefit from a comprehensive service and a high level of comfort, it is advisable to charter a private plane. Our partner offers a suitable and economical solution for every requirement and need, for example group charter, business charter or VIP charter. Of course, they respond to your individual wishes and implement them to your complete satisfaction. Short-term changes can also be taken into account individually.

When you charter a private plane with ButtlerBen, you can be sure of the greatest flexibility, exclusive comfort and the highest level of safety. In order to always be able to fulfill your wishes, we use over a thousand private jets and fly to over 40,000 airports worldwide. You are also welcome to bring your pets on board. Depending on the type of aircraft, bulky luggage such as skis or golf clubs is not a problem.
Business charter: Travel comfortably with the greatest flexibility

In today’s business world, high flexibility in scheduling is required. In the morning for the meeting in Berlin and in the evening for the company event in Milan: This is usually not possible with classic scheduled flights and would also only mean unnecessary stress.

It is much more convenient to charter a private plane. Here we offer you the opportunity to make your trip relaxed and enjoy the comfort on board. Our partners will be happy to advise you and work with you to develop a travel plan that is individually tailored to your wishes and needs. You benefit from a good price-performance ratio. In addition, you are not tied to the major airports, but can also use numerous regional airports near your destination.
Group charter: attractive price-performance ratio

Would you like your guests to fly to an event? Our group charter is ideal for this. We offer you the opportunity to charter a private jet and to transport your guests flexibly to locations around the world: you determine the date, time and destination. Our experienced partners are at your service around the clock and organize a flight that meets your expectations in no time. You can rely on a smooth process, efficient use of all resources as well as the best service and maximum comfort.

We offer individual charter solutions for groups of ten or more. If you charter a private plane, all group members benefit from attractive advantages: for example, you and your guests can use the quick check-in at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) and get on the plane without long waiting times. Since all guests arrive at the destination at the same time, the organization of the further stay is also much easier. Convince yourself of the attractive price-performance ratio: private charter flights are often cheaper than comparable group contingents of the scheduled airlines.

If you charter a private jet, we also offer a partial or full branding of the aircraft and the interior as a special service. This is an effective advertising element that also strengthens the group dynamics of the travelers.
VIP charter: maximum comfort & luxury

If you charter a VIP private jet, you can benefit from the highest level of comfort on all routes. You can stand upright comfortably in the cabin and do not have to move while crouching. On request, a first-class on-board service by experienced and friendly flight attendants is available. Some aircraft also have separate sleeping and living areas. Our Premium VIP private jets leave nothing to be desired in terms of equipment, comfort and service!

If you have any questions about chartering a private jet, speak to one of our partners. We wish you a good flight.